The Style Is In The Details

The Style Is In The Details

Make A Statement!

Simple outfits with understated cuts and colors can be brought to the next level with some statement-making accessories.

Women have a lot of options; we’re talking textured totes, multi-colored bangles, elegant necklaces, bold earrings, chic sunglasses, vibrant shoes, or a solid handful of rings. Watches aren’t only for men either. That neutral tan dress can be a perfect backdrop for some really interesting accessories.

Men aren’t completely left out either. Conservative get-ups can pop with gleaming cufflinks, flashy watches, and perfectly-paired (or contrasting) ties. And – hey – if you’re a little more adventurous, you can utilize bracelets, earrings, and rings for a little more hip metrosexual look.

A splash of carefully chosen color and texture will be sure to catch some eyes, but a monochrome get-up can turn heads all the same. An all green outfit may be tough to pull off, but it’ll definitely make a statement.

Strike A Balance

Don’t overdo it though. Accessories are supposed to draw attention to themselves, but too many and people won’t know where to look. Just make sure your choices are intentional and not haphazard.  Maybe if you go heavy on the rings, go lighter on bracelets and skip the necklace all together.

Fortunately, with a little balance, even a true statement ring and cascading necklace can make you look like one confident, put-together fashionista.

Color matching is still important, but you don’t have to be overly matching either, just complimentary. Look to the opposite side of the color wheel to find some colors that still work. Don’t forget to take metals into consideration too – And keep in mind, mixing metals is in. So though it was once taboo to mix gold and silver, now it’s in fashion!

Work With What You’ve Got

Those earrings might look great on your friend, but do they work for your face shape? And vice versa!

Find what shapes, sizes, colors, and textures work best for you, regardless of the outfit you’re wearing. Knowing yourself will go a long way towards choosing an accessory that actually compliments your outfit.

Nobody wants to turn heads for the wrong reason, but it’s hard to do that if you’re really looking at yourself in the mirror.

Mix It Up

Just because you’ve found the perfect accessory that works best for you and most of your outfits doesn’t mean you should wear it every single day. Add it to your repertoire and realize the hunt for accessories is never truly over!

Your tastes will change and your favorites will be replaced, but that’s not a bad thing! Keep those little details in mind as you grow and you’ll always have some stand-out style.

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