Summer-ify Your Uniforms: The Keys To Summer Business Uniforms

Summer is here! And to quote the song, “It’s getting hot in here…” — so if the winter uniforms are still in rotation, it’s time to think about giving your uniforms a summertime twist.

Summer Business Uniforms

Change With The Seasons

Having a standard of quality in your uniforms doesn’t mean staying the same. Depending on where you are, you’ll notice a bigger shift between seasons and you should be prepared to change with it. It’s the perfect time to mix things up for both comfort and style.

It’s also a natural time to roll out any other changes, summer-themed or not.

Breathable Is Better

You want breathability and absorption this time of year. Though you may think cotton is an ideal summer uniform choice, it actually has some drawbacks. Cotton tends to shrink and not hold color.

Dry fit polos and T-shirts are a great alternative. They wick away perspiration and are great to work in. They’re also super comfortable and come in a wide variety of colors and styles (such as color blocking) if you want to go for something different.

Chambray is a weaved-cotton fabric with the same breathability as regular cotton if not more due to its higher thread count. It’s also trendy right now, so bonus points to looking sharp. It’s the denim-style without the denim weight and heat.

Poly fabrics/microfibers are great for suiting and women’s dresses. This market has changed tremendously over the years. People used to hear polyester and think hot but not anymore. There are tons of great microfibers out there, and they not only wear well but fit like a glove.

Show Some Skin

Although long sleeves and pants are traditionally more professional looking, for the right account, like a hip hotel or restaurant, wearing capris and short-sleeved button-up in 100-degree weather can be a fashion-forward look.

Summer Business Uniforms

Brighten Your Image

Let’s not forget about the importance of color. A pop of color can add just the right element to reflect the change of seasons. Get in the spirit of the season with warm, vibrant colors. Maybe a pink tie or shirt for summer.

Find A Balance

Summer might mean a loosening of your collar, but don’t forget the impact uniforms have on your business. So, take advantage of the change in season and use it as a way to enhance the look of your staff and your business.

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