4 Ways That Seasonal Uniforms Can Make A Difference

As the seasons change, so must we. This is especially true for our uniforms. Here are four ways that a seasonal change of uniform will make a difference:

1. They’re Built For Temperature

This is number one for a reason. No one wants to be wearing a winter jacket in the summer or a short-sleeved polo in the winter. The look of the uniform might be the most important thing for the company, but if the employee is overly perspiring or freezing, the quality of their work will be affected.

Generally, this means having two uniforms that fit the whole spectrum. For outdoor workers like doormen or porters, winter weight means heavier fabric and may include fleece lining and wind-resistance for those cold, blustery days. Summertime may bring about thinner materials that also wick away perspiration.

2. They Accessorize

Beyond the core of the material, a seasonal uniform can also add accessories.

This might mean a dapper scarf to keep your employees warm and looking good. Or a silky scarf for summer.

Hats are essential in wintertime. You don’t want your employees calling out sick, so hats are a great way to keep the heat in. While during the summer months, hats are ideal for protection from the sun. A brimmed baseball hat will shield your employees’ eyes and give you a spot for a company logo – free marketing! Doorman hats with mesh tops are also a great way to get the look and summer comfort, too.

3. They Look Just Right

Changing seasons aren’t all about the weather. You can use them as an excuse to lay out some new style, too. Out with the old, in with the new.

Or maybe just return to tradition to suit the festivities that come around. A simple red or green tie can get your restaurant uniform into the holiday spirit. More expressive workplaces might even add some holiday icons like pumpkins to ties, pins, or badges. Have some fun with it! Customers love when a company is having fun, too.

Or maybe it’s a more subtle change you’re after, going from darker shades in the winter to lighter shades in the spring and summer to match natural trends. It’s amazing what a simple color change can do.

4. They Keep People Safe

It’s easy to get into how a uniform represents the season, but don’t be afraid to buck trends to keep employees safe. Maybe that slate grey looks great on your valet, but on a dark winter day in the Northeast, it will blend in. Think about reflective striping or brighter colors for your employees stationed outdoors on those snowy days.

High-end looks don’t have to lack functionality. There are more uniform materials, fashions, and options than ever and you owe it to your company and the employees who make it run to heed the seasons.

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