Summer-ify Your Uniforms: The Keys To Summer Business Uniforms

Summer is here! And to quote the song, “It’s getting hot in here…” — so if the winter uniforms are still in rotation, it’s time to think about giving your uniforms a summertime twist. Change With The Seasons Having a standard of quality in your uniforms doesn’t mean staying the same. Depending on where you…

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How Can Business Uniforms Make For A Safer Workplace?

Business uniforms can be stylish, brand empowering, and practical, but how do they make your business safer? Here are three ways uniforms put safety first: Business Uniforms Serve A Purpose Let’s start with the more obvious advantage to uniforms: They’re made specifically for a certain job. A server carrying a tray may slip on a…

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How To Make Sure Your Business Uniforms Inspire Trust

Trust goes beyond what you say with your words. Mean what you say, but look like you mean it, too. Inspiring trust nonverbally is key, and a uniform is a great place to start. The Classic Looks Work For A Reason Consider the uniform archetypes we are taught to trust from a young age: the…

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Casual Friday In The Uniformed World

What would a uniformed staff wear if they could choose? A day of personality-reflecting dressing down isn’t a new idea. However, a casual Friday in the uniformed world has some different expectations compared to the corporate. At a 9-to-5 business desk job, casual Fridays might mean jeans instead of slacks, but in an industry that…

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The Value Of Social Media For Your Business

Social media: You hear a lot about it, you know everyone is on it, but how can it really help your business? The reality of today’s interconnected world is that without a social media presence, your business is behind by default. Why is that, though? 1) Branding The term “brand” has become diluted by everyone…

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Renting Business Uniforms Or Buying Them: Which Is Right For You?

When you’re in the market for uniforms, there are two ways to satisfy your needs. You can focus on renting business uniforms – and let the supplier take care of everything – or you can buy – and take control yourself. Which option is best for you depends on your needs, limitations, and style of…

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