Finding Success Through Your Wardrobe

Finding Success Through Your Wardrobe

Nothing feels better than walking out the door knowing you look good. Is it worth the stress of choosing an outfit and constantly re-evaluating your wardrobe? Yes. Might there be a way to limit the stress and still reap the rewards? Also yes.

Always Be Your Best

We’ve all thumbed through fashion magazines and thought about how stunning the models look in the clothes, but fact is, we all aren’t built like models. So stick with clothes that flatter your body type. If you have great legs, why not accentuate that feature with a skirt above the knee? If you have a slight stomach, a peplum dress is probably a good fit for you. But no matter what item of clothing you pick, own it. And be sure you feel good in it when you are walking down the street.

Spend On The Essentials

That great leather jacket you always wanted is probably well worth spending on. You can wear it just as well with jeans as you can with a short dress, as thrown over a jumpsuit. So be sure to have those key items in your closet that will go with any number of outfits and add just the right touch to all of them.  

Reduce And Reflect

It can be painful to throw out old favorites that no longer match with us, but it’s a sacrifice we need to make now and then. Getting dressed shouldn’t be a battle between what fits and what doesn’t. As our tastes and roles mature we need to rethink our closet. It’s all self-reflection that makes our wardrobe stronger.

The real backbone of a good wardrobe is a change in your perspective and habits. Do you have what it takes to give up a chunk of your closet (even if you’re not wearing them anymore)? Keep in mind, you are creating space for new clothes that probably fit where you are in your life at the present.  (That said, some pieces are classic and timeless, and I say NEVER get rid of those. Vintage designer is in fact VINTAGE DESIGNER!)

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