Fashion At The MoMA

Fashion At The MoMA

For the first time in 70 years, New York’s Museum of Modern Art is taking a deep dive into the world of fashion!

The exhibit titled “Items: Is Fashion Modern?” seeks to answer that question by looking at fashion’s history and future through 111 noteworthy garments.

It’s All About The Clothing

From Chanel dresses to restrictive burkinis, age-old saris to politically-charged graphic tees, Levis to Wonderbras, the exhibit spans the globe and the many forms that fashion take on.

According to the MoMA, it’s all about the clothing:

“Driven first and foremost by objects, not designers, the exhibition considers the many relationships between fashion and functionality, culture, aesthetics, politics, labor, identity, economy, and technology.”

Videos and slideshows paired with the items help to illuminate the broader impacts they’ve had.

Conversation Starters

Like any good exhibit, the conversations that happen are why people show up.

Pieces of thread and fabric swatches become reflections on the changing times and new perspectives on things we may have taken for granted.

That’s not even mentioning the more showstopping pieces that make people wonder “How did they even think of that?” or “What is this made of?!” or “Could I pull that off?”.

If there’s one thing art and fashion both do it’s stretch the boundaries of what we think is possible and wow us with bold, creative choices. It helps us really see the past for what it was and opens our minds to the future.

It’s an exhibit that is long overdue for the MoMA, but it was worth the wait!

Timeless Clothing, Limited Exhibition

model walking down stairs

The exhibit runs through January 28th, 2018 so if you’re in the area, I highly recommend checking it out.

If you can’t – or just want a headstart – check out this checklist of all 111 game-changing garments.

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