Conquering Online Clothes Shopping

Conquering Online Clothes Shopping

Shopping online for clothes is usually an exercise in anxiety and the holidays are especially stressful. Will they fit? Will they look as good as the picture? How do they feel?

Let’s take a look at how to brave the twists and turns of online shopping plus new options you may not have considered.

Find Your Equal Measure

We all know Brand A doesn’t fit the same as Brand B, but until we know what size we’re aiming for. When you’re buying without trying on, consider getting a professional opinion. A proper fitting in the real-world will give you all the data you need when you hop online to buy. Most shopping sites have a size guide along with the item, so go by your actual measurements, not the size you might want to be.   

Use Some Power Tools

Online tools like Sizecharter and FitsMe have compiled size data from hundreds of brands so you know what you’re in for. This is the quickest way to gain peace of mind about a retailer’s specific cut. Bra-specific Thirdlove takes the pain out of accurate sizing and offers plenty of comfortable bras you can try before you buy.

Amazon’s new Outfit Compare also lets Prime subscribers submit two photos of themselves for quick feedback from an anonymous – but supposedly qualified – human. Think of it as texting your friend for last-minute fashion advice.

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I have always been someone who likes to shop. I like to feel the fabric and see the way things are cut and tailored. Let’s be honest, a model in a photo can pretty much make a paper bag look appealing, but seeing, touching and trying on an outfit is the true test. That said, a lot of sites make it easy to exchange or return. And I will admit, I will occasionally buy online myself (though I still prefer in person). Regardless, if you are a strict online shopper, try to identify a brand that fits you well and, if and when you veer off-path, measure and look at the size guide. I fully encourage taking chances with your wardrobe and throwing in some flair. But flair without fit will never do you or the clothing justice. So my advice, measure, measure, measure.

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