Casual Friday In The Uniformed World

What would a uniformed staff wear if they could choose? A day of personality-reflecting dressing down isn’t a new idea. However, a casual Friday in the uniformed world has some different expectations compared to the corporate. At a 9-to-5 business desk job, casual Fridays might mean jeans instead of slacks, but in an industry that relies on uniforms, dressing down can impact brand image, professionalism, and customer interaction.

Let’s see what people in uniformed jobs would want in a casual Friday of their own.

The Casual Friday Impact

Take it from Sarah Mendoza, a server in Los Angeles:

“I wouldn’t mind having a day where we got to choose what to wear. I guess as long as people could tell that we were the servers, I think it would show off our personalities. Maybe we could keep the aprons on or something.”

Your employees are all individuals with their own quirks, styles, and personalities. So are you! Let it shine! Those personal touches grant a charm that you can’t plan for; a boost in morale that you can create. No matter how good your uniform is, it still reduces individuality. Let your staff know you understand that.

However, Sarah brings up a solid point about employee authority and customer interaction. They should still look like they work there. Whether it’s an apron, a jacket, a tie, a hat, or a logo, don’t lose sight of the job.

The Little Things

It doesn’t have to be a huge overhaul, though. A little breathing room goes a long way.

“As long I have comfortable shoes, I’m good!”
– Michelle Lewis, server

“Jeans and a T-shirt. Pretty much anything that doesn’t need to be ironed.”
– Daniel Braden, hotel employee

Casual Friday & Business Uniforms

Season Of Change

Still feeling a bit stiff in the collar? How about a less frequent – but still significant – change?

“I have no problems with my uniform except that it gets kind of hot in the summer. So, I’m not sure if I’d vote for a ‘casual Friday,’ but I would want something different for the summer that’s cooler.”
– Sonia Belli, server

Everything changes: the weather, the temperature, the seasons, the times, the people, and it would be beneficial if your uniform changed every once in a while too. Seasonal uniforms are common, especially in areas where the weather changes significantly, but often times, they aren’t common enough.

Change is good. Change is growth. Change is conscious management.

How would your workplace benefit from a casual Friday (or whichever day you’d like)? Don’t forget to let the pressure out because a happy employee is a productive one.

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