How Can Business Uniforms Make For A Safer Workplace?

Business uniforms can be stylish, brand empowering, and practical, but how do they make your business safer?

Here are three ways uniforms put safety first:

Business Uniforms Serve A Purpose

Let’s start with the more obvious advantage to uniforms: They’re made specifically for a certain job.

A server carrying a tray may slip on a spilled drink. A doorman may face the cold New York City winter. A chef is literally playing with fire.

These are very real dangers that can impact not only your employee but the company itself. Hospitalization, insurance claims, and all the pain and suffering that happens when safety isn’t a priority. Fortunately, non-slip shoes, warm jackets, and fire-resistant aprons exist.

Safety needs differ based on environment, workload, and many other variables that are specific to your business. The safest uniform is the one that’s tailored to your situation, so take stock and do your research.

It’s easy to get caught up on the look of your uniforms, but form should never overshadow function. Your workers have a job to do and a proper outfit will help them do it.

They Identify Authority

Imagine your guests are relaxing in your hotel’s lounge when – suddenly – the fire alarm rings. Or someone has fallen and hurt themselves.

Who can they look to for help?

If your staff are not immediately recognizable, they may not know. Your employees should be easily identifiable and also schooled in what to do in such situations.

Dressing your team can still be appropriate and professional. It could be as subtle as your logo printed on a jacket lapel, to more noticeably silk-screening on the back of a T-shirt. Consistent colors that match your brand and create a “uniform look” will also make employees recognizable.

When your guests don’t have to guess, you’ll also be promoting a sense of trust, which goes a long way towards having a great experience.

They Keep Things Clean

Worn uniforms get dirty, whether through unforeseen accidents or general wear. The grime can really impact the look of your employees too. The beauty of uniforms is that you can swap them out for fresh ones and no one should know the difference.

An employee may not adhere to the same standards of cleanliness that you desire; when you’re balancing work, home, and even school, laundry often gets sidelined. Plus, if they only have one appropriate work shirt and it gets stained, they may not even have a work shirt. So it’s important to be sure employees have enough uniforms to look well dressed and clean.

Managers need to be sure their employees keep their uniforms clean. Whether you send them off to be cleaned or have an on-site laundry facility, it’s important to stay on top of uniform laundering

We’ve all heard the expression, “The devil is in the details.” And these are the details that will make significant differences in your staff’s presence and appearance.

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