Wide World of Tie Knots


Most of my male friends seem to know just one method to knot a tie but there are variations upon variations. With seemingly less fashion options than women, this is one way for men to distinguish their style. Here are six tie knots that I think can add panache to a number of different looks.

Eldredge Tie Knot

Named after its creator, Jeffrey Edlredge, a systems administrator from Salt Lake City, this knot is tied from the small end and while it may appear difficult at first, it seems pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Eldredge thinks it is most appropriate for special occasions, not the work place, but I disagree. It is a braided tie knot, similar to the fishbone but it is not as ornate.

Trinity Tie Knot

Trinity knots can also spruce up your look at the office. It is derived from the triquetra, a Celtic symbol, and looks a little bit like a crest. Asymmetrical with three conical corners, it says off beat formality and I can see where it has its place in a number of industries.

Boutonniere Knot

If you have a special occasion such as a wedding, the Boutonniere knot is formal but has some flare, a lot actually. Also similar to the fishbone, it has long loops and is wider than the Eldredge. Fashionistas suggest it with wide collar shirts and I would go a step further by adding a vest to the outfit.


Morovingian or Ediety Knot

The Morovingian knot, which came to fame with the Matrix movies, can be both casual and formal. Also known as the Ediety knot, it actually looks like a thinner tie in front of another so a tie clip is usually needed for full effect. It adds texture throughout the body of the tie, not just at the neck, so with the appropriate fabric and pattern it can also be used for more formal occasions.

Truelove Knot

The Truelove knot requires the dexterity of a surgeon but if you have the skill, others will be truly impressed, and you’ll look great. It is a symmetrical knot made up of four quadrants and can be used for casual, formal or business settings.

Van Vijk Knot

Van Vijk knot is a cylindrical tie similar to the Prince Albert. It has an additional turn, making it a more casual version of the latter and one that matches very well with jeans and an informal dress shirt.


As said, there are many, many different tie knots so keep this in mind next time you have occasion to wear one, whether it is to your place of business, a dinner or just want to take your casual outfit up a notch.

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